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Yellow Chilli is a Nigerian Restaurant located in the heart of Victoria Island. It specialises in, and I quote, ‘dishing out fresh, hot gourmet meals, spicy local and pan-African delicacies’. 
It ranks in the top 5 restaurants in Lagos – Nigeria, as reviewed on the British travel website ‘’; scoring 4 out of 5 stars for food, service, ambience and value. 
Sounds amazing right? Wrong.
This was my first visit to the restaurant. My friend and I, famished, decided to grab something to eat. I had heard good things about their meals so I was quite excited to try the place out. 
We asked to be seated upstairs so we went up the stairs and found a nice place to sit down – and there we sat for about ten minutes before anyone came to meet us with a menu. Our attempts to flag down one waiter failed; he simply ignored us and walked right out the door. Mind you, we were seated right next to the door so there was no way we weren’t seen. 
We eventually got someone to give us some menus and we placed our order. I was in the mood for some grilled fish and chips which I thought they would have – they didn’t – so I ordered the goat meat pepper soup to as an appetiser and told the waiter I would make up my mind later. My friend ordered their Fried Rice Fiesta. Their menu specified that there would be a 20 minute meal prep time so I figured my appetiser would be out as soon as possible. 
It took them 15 minutes to bring our drinks. I expected that – at the very least my appetiser would closely follow. Alas. 
We waited over an hour for both meals to come. At this point, I had no intention of ordering a main meal as the wait alone had made my hunger pangs dissipate. 
The most annoying thing about having to wait for a meal in a restaurant is not having the free will to mow down the bill. 
My advice: Don’t go there if you’re hungry. Don’t go there if you’ve got somewhere to be. 

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