Last week, I ordered some things online from ASOS and I tweeted [Follow us on twitter @thedsfblog] that I would update you on my experience.
I had done some research online about how it was like ordering from ASOS to Nigeria and I had learnt some things. 
1. Order above £100 or your order will get lost
2. Customs Charges may apply 
3. ASOS uses the Nigerian company SKYNET to deliver your products when you do order over £100 and NIPOST is used when you order less. 
4. NIPOST is trash
5. If you pay for express delivery, your order gets to Lagos in less than or about 4 working days.
6. That SKYNET usually pays custom charges on your goods and they send you an invoice with your bill.
What I wasn’t clear on was the length or method of delivery when you order over £100 and you use the free worldwide shipping option. I really just wanted to know if I had to spend £20 for express delivery, but before I bore you with my money saving tactics… 
I made sure my order was well over £100 and I placed it on Thursday morning. I was told that it would be delivered to me the following Wednesday. I was able to track its progress and sure enough it arrived in Lagos Tuesday afternoon. 
Alas, it was held back and the tracking report said that it was being held for the ‘consignee’ to pay charges. I was hurt. 
I had faith that SKYNET would send an e-mail with the invoice for the customs charge. Nothing.
I decided to wait till Wednesday [the scheduled delivery date] to see if any progress had been made on my order. Nothing. No e-mail from SKYNET either. No-thing.
I emailed ASOS to ask them why they were using this obviously trash delivery company – in a nice way. They got back to me at about 1pm with a number for the company stating that I call and inquire about the status of my package. So helpful, thanks. 
I called and asked these people what was going on with my parcel and they seemed so confused as to why I was calling – asking when my delivery date was like these things shouldn’t be noted down by your company. I must have forgotten I was talking to a Nigerian company – they’re always disorganised. 
Eventually they forwarded my request to their accounting department and with the quickness they sent me an invoice to pay the customs charges. Why they didn’t send me this before I have no idea.
I was adamant that I wanted the parcel delivered on that day and the lady on the phone said that she would ensure that it got delivered. This was at 12pm. 
4pm I called back.
‘Where is my parcel madam?’ 
‘Have you paid the invoice?’
You know when you wish phones could slap people….
After I caused a scene on the phone they told me they would deliver the next day. I called promptly at 8 asking for an estimated delivery time. The lady, once again, was confused, and decided to give me the number of their accountant – who seemed to have better knowledge of my predicament. An accountant – How?
After a lot of back and forth and a lot of unanswered phone calls – on the accountant’s part, I called their company once more to ask for the address of customs. I did not want their help anymore. That’s when they buckled up and said they would deliver. So I got my parcel on Thursday [yesterday] thankfully. So, what have I learnt?
1. SKYNET is also trash
2. Use Jand to Gidi instead. 
3. What’s the point of express delivery when I’m still going to pay money lord?


  1. sammy

    Thanks for sharing your experience.. I'm facing a similar situation right now. 81gbp order, delivery date 31st(tomorrow) and I just saw the 'held back for consignee to pay' on the tracking page. Pls what's the number to call? My parcel destination is abuja. Pls help


  2. DirtySexyFashion

    Hmm, best bet is to email asos as well and ask for the details of the company they're using to deliver your package. Not sure if it's SKYNET or Parcelforce, but do email their customer service to find out. You'll have to pay them some additional customs charge so they can clear it from customs.


  3. Clement

    Please what is nipost address in Lagos that standard delivery from asos uk gets to. I am yet to get my order since 24th November. I need the nipost address so I can visit and pick it up. Anybody help


  4. Lisa Assam

    Hi, I just started ordering from asos, haven’t had any issues so far but I usually order in Two’s Yunno where the price falls under say £20 but there’s just like more than two items I want to buy and it’s not helping just buying small small, I just want to know how much they usually charge for custom fees? If I wanted to order four items? Do they charge a lot?


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