Cointreau-Versial Style Museum hosted by Me!

As part of Cointreau’s monthly Cointreau-Versial series, DirtySexyFashion, hosted a style museum last Sunday at Omenka Gallery. 
The style museum featured a ‘25 piece’ exhibition highlighting major milestones achieved by the Nigerian fashion industry within the last five years.
Guests were treated to delicious Cointreau Fizz cocktails, Cointreau infused desserts and enjoyed great music. Cointreau once again brought people together but this time with a dash of art.

Be Cointreau-Versial. Drink Responsibly. 18+

I started this page mid-2011, being a tumblr obsessed teen. I needed to post and re-post as many images as I could, and since Instagram was all the rage back then, I decided to move my tumblr page on there. 
I was pretty consistent in the beginning, I used so many hashtags, the people who followed me then must have thought I was totally crazy. I even remember being one of the hundreds of thousands of commenters under a Kim Kardashian photo asking people to check out my page. 
It took forever to get to 1000 followers and I was so ecstatic. I never realised how big a number that was back then. Over the years, I remained consistent with my uploads, chatty with the people who followed me and I always made sure I only ever put up QUALITY content. As my page continued to grow in following, I became fortunate enough to work with established and upcoming brands both in my home country Nigeria, and abroad. I was tagged a ‘digital influencer’. 
When I was approached to host one of Cointreau’s Contreau-Versial series, I took it as a chance to put a face to the brand. So many people think I’m white, wonder who I am or where I’m from and I wanted this to be a coming out party of sorts. My point was proven during the party when I introduced myself to one of my guests who hadn’t actually heard of my page. He looked for it on instagram and had to ask again if I had given him the wrong name. 
“This can’t be yours!”
In summary, I was so happy that I had the opportunity to meet a lot of you. It was truly an amazing day. 
Here are a couple of photos from the event! I’m the girl with the rust coloured dress. [by CLAN]

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