How to improve your Instagram for your business (#1)

I am extremely proud of both my ‘blogs’ on social media (@dsf_african & @dirtysexyfashion) – having nearly 140,000 people who follow me and love what I love makes me extremely satisfied. ^_^

Considering how large my reach is, I realised that I had a platform which could be beneficial to start-up and established companies. However, as those who follow me will know, my page is not flooded with adverts. I try to maintain the integrity of the page as much as possible, and money will not change that. You might wonder if what I’m saying is that deep, or that I’m not sticking with the Oldco method of expanding my business but I’m that guy.

The issue I have with certain brands that come forward is that there is a lack of understanding as to how instagram can actually help a business grow, increase sales and boost customer engagement.
It might be just a picture to you, but in reality, it plays such an important role in getting your name out there. So I’ve decided to start a short series on how you can help your brand grow on instagram – at least the way I know how. 

The first step: Image Quality

This is such an important factor. Nobody wants to see blurry images on their phones, no-one wants to have to squint to see the details of any product you want to sell. Money does not grow on trees, and potential customers are looking at every detail of every image you use on your page to decide if they want to patronise you.
I’m not advising you to go all out with the photoshoots or hire an expensive photographer – unless of course you can afford it – but the quality of the images you use is so important.

What I do notice is that people will not follow your page just because I tell them to do so if your page isn’t organised or aesthetically pleasing. 
How can you improve your images?

  1. Have a creative photoshoot (I’m really a fan of the shoot in my last post). Or you can use your Iphone to your advantage really; download editing apps like VSCO cam or Camera+, or even use filters on instagram before uploading content to your page. 
  2.  Stick to using high res images – Say no to blur guys, seriously
  3. Use natural lighting and don’t forget to clean your lenses before taking any pictures
  4. Be consistent with your uploads, be consistent with the quality. Have a “well balanced grid”.
  5. Develop a theme or aesthetic. I’ve included a video that can help with developing that.

Instagram Pages you can seek inspiration from:


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