For Spring/ Summer 2016, Nigerian fashion brand Fruche is inspired by the human pursuit of happiness.
The collection is named after the creative director’s mother; Lilian Nkeiruka Aghuno. In Igbo culture and socialization we pray for life, children, good harvest and most importantly happiness. The name ‘Nkeiruka’ is an Igbo name that means ‘what is to come is greater’ which remind us of what rainbows signify. It was important for the brand to incorporate the colours of the rainbow in the colour palette of this collection as they exude happiness. The designer draws inspiration for naming this collection from a line in the 1960 film; psycho. “A boy’s best friend is his mother”spoken by Anthony Perkins playing the character of a shy but homicidal schizophrenic Norman Bates. 
The SS16 collection is also seventies inspired, as the early seventies were referred to as the hippie days. A hippie is one who embraces life to the fullest, promotes peace, love and happiness, but as hell sticks up for what they believe in. There’s a hippie-chic vibe with flared pants and sleeves, running shorts and tanks, culottes and short skirt. We have incorporated our signature thigh high slit once again, swarovski crystal applique, stucture, sashes that mimic an ikpele and shapes. There’s also a strong androgynous vibe with the collars and sleek pants for womenswear and organza jacquard shirts and high waisted pants for menswear. We used crepe chiffon, crepe Georgette, duchess, mesh, wool and cotton fabrics in colours of red, orange, blue, green, wine, purple, pink, champagne, grey, and black.

Once again, we have collaborated with Fred Aghuno on the set design for this lookbook. The background basically mirrors  the collection in the sense that it’s about reflection and finding happiness in making old things new again. 
This season our aim is to serve our clients better, so this collection is immediately available for pre-order  by sending an email to to track your order from start to finish.
Lookbook credits
Creative direction: Frank Aghuno
Set design: Fred Aghuno [Dricky Stickman]
Photography: TheLooktrademark
Make up: Dami ‘Bote
Models: Debby & Betty Shola-ayinde
U.A. Emeka [Emekoviic]
Male shoes: King David Shoes
Instagram/twitter: @Frucheofficial
Campaign Credit
Creative direction: Frank Aghuno
Model: Chia Uchendu
Photography: Fred Aghuno


Editing: TheLookTrademark












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