DSF FEATURE: The Food Ranger

Trevor James describes himself as a man who lives to eat and travel. I came across his youtube page yesterday while I was late night internet creeping. I’ve never been to Asia, nor am I one to experiment with my money so my knowledge of the continent’s cuisine does not go beyond the basic: naan bread, lamb tikka masala, sweet, sour and black bean sauces.

Listen, I am HORRIBLE and uncultured, I know. But please let this be my safe space.

I’m not sure exactly what he does in China for a living, but I do know he visits the country’s provinces sharing street food delicacies. Part of his appeal is his tolerance to pepper. He knows how to identify ingredients and he can really describe meals so you kinda get the feeling like you’re there eating it yourself. He is also super friendly and respectful to the owners of the stalls/restaurants.

Love him.

He reminds me of the Chicken Connoisseur – now that’s someone that understands the many layers of KFC-esque chicken.


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