People of Colour PRESENTS P.O.C. CASUALS

Following its efforts to rebrand and be more accessible, P.O.C. presents the first arm of its brand, P.O.C. Casuals. Throwing on traditional wear because of a lack of outfits will no longer be the norm, as the brand brings everyday clothing at affordable prices.

These pieces have been carefully designed and tailored, providing fashionable closet staples for men at the highest quality. P.O.C. continues its efforts to make menswear more accessible in Nigeria, providing clothing that every man can and would wear. Formerly known as Papa Omisore Clothing, the brand has evolved, embracing its love for masculinity, fluidity and most importantly, colour.

Papa Omisore Clothing is now People Of Colour.



E-Mail address –

Website –


Photographer – @tope_horpload

Models – @richassani, @sobaint01, @teezeedrb

Creative Direction – @papaomisore

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