‘Nothing’ by Rayo

Rayo is a contemporary women’s wear brand that constantly infuses African aesthetics, culture and contemporary dance to their collections
‘Nothing’ is a form expression for the designer.


Brand: Rayo @rayo.ng (instagram)

Designer: Lamipop Somoye

Art direction and Styling : Daniel Obasi @iamdasidy
Photography: Ogoh Clement @ogoh_clem
Models: Daberechi Ukoha- Kalu (few models) @daberechi_
              Ifeoma Nwobu @ifeoma_nwobu

rayo x the dsf blog 12rayo x the dsf blog 11rayo x THE DSF BLOG 1rayo x THE DSF BLOG 2rayo x THE DSF BLOG 3rayo x THE DSF BLOG 3brayo x THE DSF BLOG 4rayo x THE DSF BLOG 5rayo x THE DSF BLOG 6rayo x THE DSF BLOG 7rayo x THE DSF BLOG 8rayo x THE DSF BLOG 9rayo x THE DSF BLOG 10IMG_5961

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