Wana Sambo Edit: IDENTITY

The all-new Wana Sambo Editorial #WSEdit titled “IDENTITY” Features Vimbai Mutinhiri as the face of this collection.

The idea for the new collection was birthed with the knowledge of a woman’s struggle to keep her identity following how constant the female body changes, mostly according to the stages in every woman’s life.

We see her style in her early 20’s to mid and late 20’s – 30’s, her pregnancy stage style to post-pregnancy, and garments that can be worn in these stages were designed.

With this collection, we created a story that shows how a woman’s body must be celebrated for what it is at every stage in her life through her clothes! Her style is her “IDENTITY”. The Wana Sambo Woman is STRONG, SEXY and EXOTIC. No matter her size, these three words influence her style and attitude to her body’s uncontrollable yet beautiful change!

Showcasing the Wana Sambo signature “outer darts”, “triangular peplums” and “knot sleeves” in different variations per collection every season, these pieces are guaranteed to ensure the Wana Sambo Woman stands out for her impeccable style emphasized by our obsession for “clean lines”, “perfect fit” and “finish” like the #WanaSamboWoman says.

All Wana Sambo garments are handmade in Nigeria.

View the collection below:




Team Credit:

HAIR: @veebeezofficial

MAKEUP: @joycejacob_jjb

Art Direction & Styling; @wanabillionaire

Photography: @libartystudios



CALL: +2348153131533

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