Mazelle Studio launches SS18 Collection ‘A Walk To Remember’.

Mazelle Studio is a two-part fashion house comprising of Mazelle RTW, with core competences in male & female ready to wear pieces and Mazelle Bridal.

The company formally known as Mademoiselle Aglaia recently launched their SS18 collection titled ‘A Walk to Remember’. The collection features a wide array of exciting pieces ranging from party dresses, formal dresses, to bomber jackets.

The collection was inspired by the designer, Mariam Afolabi’s interpretation of the different stages of love. According to her “I wanted a collection that symbolizes the different stages of love we experience in a lifetime. The collection starts off white, symbolizing the childlike innocence at the beginning stages of love, then it moves into the pink, which symbolizes the first stage of love, the infatuation – she begins to notice her beauty, feminity and so does he. The red symbolizes the crescendo, when things are at its peak and the black symbolizes the heartbreak. In the end one must pick themselves back up and the cycle starts again until the end.”

With a wide array of textiles, textures, patters, techniques, the Mazelle SS18 collection is in a class of its own. It is available to purchase at Mazelle Studio located in The Loft Box Mall, No 2 Alexander, Ikoyi.

Photographer – Bolaji
Studio – Studio Fresco
Make Up Artist – Artistry by Tolani
Styling & Creative Direction – Mariam Afolabi


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