Wana Sambo x Idia Aisien “WILDFIRE”

“She lights my fire, her eyes, her hair, her body, her dress, she ignites me!” – This quote is the sole inspiration for the ‘Wildfire’ collection!

Wana Sambo 2e

In collaboration with Idia Aisien, award winning TV Show host, Model and Brand ambassador, the Wildfire collection is says to the Wana Sambo Woman: “You ignite me!” This collection was designed to re-kindle the lost spark in the Wana Sambo Woman’s life! We created pieces to remind her how “strong, sexy and exotic” she is and why she must stay exciting and unpredictable!

Wana Sambo 1hWana Sambo 1e

These pieces are guaranteed to ensure the Wana Sambo Woman stands out for her impeccable style. There is an emphasis on “clean lines, perfect fit and finish”.

Wana Sambo 4aWana Sambo 3aWana Sambo 3

All Wana Sambo garments are handmade in Nigeria. They are as perfect as a handmade garment can be.

Wana Sambo 4bWana Sambo 5Wana Sambo 5eWana Sambo 6Wana Sambo 6cWana Sambo 7Wana Sambo 7cWana Sambo 7dWana Sambo 8Wana Sambo 8bWana Sambo 8dWana Sambo 9Wana Sambo 9a

Team Credit:

Photography: @libartystudios
HAIR: @veebeezofficial
MAKEUP: @glambydimma
Accessories: @thepoloavenue
Art Direction & Styling; @wanabillionaire
Creative Assistance : @clearlyinvisible

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