LFDW DAY 3 RECAP – Five weeks later

My apologies for the late blogpost, I started a new sister page on instagram (@dsf_africa) so I’ve been pretty busy with that, school, work and other things so I just might combust while doing this.
I had to start off by pointing out the number of male designers on the runway this year went up – from the last LFDW- which I thought was pretty awesome. I don’t know a lot about menswear but from what I did see, people are trying their best to re-invent traditional suits. Although I’m not sure if there’s a market for such eccentric suits now, it’s interesting to see where that section of the fashion industry is trying to do.
Now here are some of my favourites.





It might appear that I’m a bit obsessed with Meena’s collection because I am. It just appeared to have some of the best looking pieces on the runway – no offence to the other talented designers. I loved a lot of your pieces too.

Washington Roberts

Washington Roberts
Mai Atafo

Mai Atafo
Red Knights 

Toju Foyeh
Titi bello – loved this colour palette, didn’t like that the collection was a tad ill fitting

And that’s it folks!

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