People who follow my personal page on twitter will know that i’m all about austerity in 2016. I’m not sure if I should blame this on my upbringing or on the fact that I’m making my own money now, but I have to justify every major purchase I make.

Don’t feel bad for me rich people, I’m having the time of my life delving into the sales and ranking products in ascending order relating to price.

I was inspired by this blogger (link here) to start my own series documenting what I would buy from different designer stores if I had the money to do so.

A lot of people tend to choose Louis Vuitton as their first designer purchase considering that their cheaper options are rather affordable – well before the UK VAT went over 20%. The first bag I ever bought was the Neverfull MM in their Damier Ebene canvas. I absolutely love this bag and I have used it as a school, travel and work bag.

I don’t own any other Louis Vuitton bags but if I did have £10,000 to spend in their store, these would be the must haves.

1. Louis Vuitton Alma BB in Damier Ebene (£675), Epi Leather (£900), and Vernis (£1030).

The Damier Ebene canvas is the best value for money in terms of the wear and tear of the bag. This bag is amazing in any weather condition, it does not have any colour transfer issues, neither does it get scuffed or beaten up easily – at least my bag.

Epi Leather, I’m yet to own. However, Ive done some research and its also one of the more durable leathers of LV. Its made of cow leather (I think) that is treated & tanned with plant extracts. Bags made with epi are usually able to retain their structure in comparison to those made with canvas. The cons of this leather is that it is prone to peeling and wrinkling – at least on the smaller leather goods i.e wallets and the like.

Vernis Leather – the glossier of the three – initially caught my eye because I was a fan of patent bags. However, I did some research and this is no longer an option for me. I’ve read about the Vernis leather melting in extremely hot weather. Apparently the lighter colours are also prone to colour transfer – basically, don’t put it on your jeans, a newspaper or anything that can stain it.

Damier Ebene
Epi Leather
Vernis Leather
Then on to the more expensive bags with prices I dare not name.

I love the soft leather on the Capucines, though I’m not sure I particularly like the structure of the bag. I definitely appreciate the fact that the bags come in a number of colours with silver, gold hardware.

LV Capucines BB

I am also obsessed with the Epi Leather Cluny BB. Saw it on a blogger (@thealmachronicle), and I fell in love. Take off the straps and its the perfect evening/event purse, leave it on and it can be used cross body or on the shoulder as the perfect day bag.

Writing this article has shown me that I don’t like wasting money –  because I have £5000 and I still didn’t finish it at the store.  Or maybe Louis Vuitton might just be one of the more affordable(ish) and high quality designer brands on the market. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Cluny BB

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